Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hol Van a Mascka? (Where is the cat?)

So about three weeks ago a local family bestowed one of their kittens upon Reagan. (Much to my surprise). There were a couple of problems with this: a.) I was not sure if we were allowed to have pets. b.) We had no supplies for a cat. c.) It was covered in fleas. Upon discovering the fleas on the kitten I instructed Reagan to put the kitten outside. Surprisingly enough the kitten remained and soon became our outdoor cat. We named her Princess Buttercup (pronounced Preenceesss Bootercoop by the local children) and we kept a towel on the front step and a food bowl. The kitten was ours. This little mascka would come when we called it and it was sweet as could be.
Three days ago Reagan and I were headed down the street to go to the grocery store and Princess Buttercup was chasing us down the street, crying the whole way. She ran behind us for two whole blocks before turning back for home. So cute, just like a little puppy! When we got back from the store we called for her, but she did not come. Nor did we hear her familiar meowing from afar. I looked around and saw a shape in the road behind me. Sure enough, Princess Buttercup had been hit by a car and was lying in a puddle of blood. It's strange. We only had her around for a few weeks but I still keep looking for her each time I walk past our front door. Sorry PB... you were a good little mascka. Reagan will miss her very much. :(

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